2017 MGAA Podcasts

Wordings:  New Horizons and Emerging Risks
EC3 Legal

The modern world provides constant challenges for the insurance industry.  Whether this is from the point of view of regulation, legislation or emerging and changing risks across all classes of business.  How does this affect your contract wordings?  Are you up to date with regulatory requirements?  Are your contracts compliance and fit for purpose?

This briefing takes a look at some of the important considerations faced by the insurance industry from a wordings perspective and provides examples of pitfalls and common issues to bear in mind.


23 May 2017

Supercharge your premium income overnight

John Price, COO at SchemeServe presented on how to supercharge your premium income overnight.  He covered areas including how to:
•Identify the key money makers for your business.
•Stop the sabbotage that's happing in your business today, even if you know it is.
•Ensure you have the tools to be able to significantly boost your sales.
•Properly care about your customers.
•Understand a one size fits most policy doesn't work.
27 March 2017

MGAA General Meeting

Members attended the General Meeting of the MGAA, at which the Report and Accounts and revised articles of association were approved.

Directors representing Full Members were confirmed as: Karen Beales, Catherine Bell, Mark Birrell, Charles Earle, Charles Manchester, Jonathan Skinner and Jeff Turner.  Keith Stern was confirmed as the Director representing Supplier Members and Bill O’Malley as the Director representing the Market Practitioner members on the board. The Directors provided reports on the achievements and plans of the standing Committees and the Managing Director spoke about future plans.

20 February 2017

Tax Update for MGAs
PKF Littlejohn

Chris Riley, Catherine Heyes and Luigi Lungarella provide members with an update on recent tax developments and also talk about Taxation issues with respect to the acquisition or disposal of MGAs.

2 May 2017

Key HR & Director Issues:  How not to be an Ostrich ..... or be left holding the baby
Kennedys Law LLP

Matthew Leake (Partner) provides practical pointers on how to avoid common pitfalls in the management of employees, such as poor performance, disciplinary issues and ill health, and points to help ensure compliance with the law and good practice.

Jenny Boldon (Partner) and Alexandra Nurse (Senior Associate) talk about the pitfalls of being a director and how to ensure directors/ owners of a business comply with their duties and do not leave themselves exposed to claims.  The session also covers recent trends in D&O.
13 March 2017

Lloyd's Coverholder & Policy Protection Update

Paul Brady, Head of Policyholder & Third Party Oversight at Lloyd's provides an overview of the current Lloyd's Coverholder initiatives.

30 January 2017

Demystifing Analytics and Data Warehousing for MGAS
GIROUX Limited

Giroux will cut through the hype surrounding analytics to help you plan for a data-driven future.  By going back to the fundamentals, Giroux will explain what data warehousing and analytics is, why it is important and how it can be beneficial for MGAs of all sizes.

4 April

Solving Conduct Risk Management - Appeasing the Regulator

EC3 Consultants together with Markit Systems presented a session on Conduct Risk Management.

The FCA expects Conduct Risk Management to be fully embedded in the day-to-day business and culture of all financial services firms. EC3 Consultants have come together with their technology partner, Markit Systems, and developed a Conduct Risk Management solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the intermediary business. This solution ensures practical adherence with FCA guidance and complies with the Senior Insurance Managers Regime.

6 March 2017

IT Procurement for MGAs - Top Tips.  Browne Jacobson LLP

The session looked at best practice for the procurement of IT by MGAs from a legal standpoint across the transaction lifecycle, from preparing for and structuring the initial procurement, to negotiation of contracts, to contract governance and eventual exit.  The presenters highlighted some of the potential pitfalls, sharing some of their own experiences and "war stories", and look at the challenges being posed by more recent developments, including cloud technologies in the light of the FCA's recent guideance on this subject.

16 January 2017