2014 MGAA Events

Some MGAA events that have been held recently.

IT Forum CANCELLED01/12/2014London
Compliance Forum25/11/2014London
Finance Forum25/11/2014London
Legal Expenses Insurance24/11/2014London
Claims Forum10/11/2014London
Conduct & Ethics Committee05/11/2014London
Leveraging data to improve MGAs' results03/11/2014London
What is an MGA?29/10/2014Manchester
A Briefing on the Insurance Bill 2014 (BLM)13/10/2014London
Lloyd's Meet the Market07/10/2014Manchester
Meeting with Financial Conduct Authority01/10/2014London
IT Forum CANCELLED30/09/2014London
MGAs - what does the future hold?24/09/2014London
Compliance Forum23/09/2014London
Finance Forum23/09/2014London
Capacity Exchange10/09/2014London
Claims Forum08/09/2014London
ELTO and problems with ERN data - what happens next?28/07/2014London
Meet The Board23/07/2014London
IT Forum22/07/2014London
Compliance Forum15/07/2014London
Finance Forum15/07/2014London
To be confirmed09/07/2014London
Claims Forum07/07/2014London
Prism Network Limited25/06/2014London
PKF Littlejohn10/06/2014London
IT Forum03/06/2014London
Compliance Forum27/05/2014London
Claims Forum12/05/2014London
Unlock the data: a case study07/05/2014London
Finance Forum30/04/2014London
Outsourcing to grow your business28/04/2014London
Legal Updates07/04/2014London
IT Forum02/04/2014London
DAS and the FCA add-on review31/03/2014London
Compliance Forum25/03/2014London
Claims Forum18/03/2014London
Big Data in the Industry10/03/2014London
General Meeting24/02/2014London
Meeting the Challenges of the Regulatory Environment10/02/2014London
IT Forum04/02/2014London
Compliance Forum28/01/2014London
Finance Forum28/01/2014London
Claims Forum21/01/2014London
Working Together on Premium Finance13/01/2014London

MGAA 2015 Events

You can download a full list of 2015 events by clicking on the link below
MGAA 2015 Events
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