The MGAA will:
  • Convey the views of its members to UK and European parliaments, government departments, regulators and other relevant insurance organisations
  • Represent members' interests in negotiations with bodies whose rulings, regulations or controls may impact members 
  • Set best practice guidelines to assist members in ensuring the stability, security and reputation of their MGAs
  • Assist insurance carriers that support MGAs to maintain the stability, security and reputation of their binding authority arrangements 
  • Work proactively to improve the MGA sector's professionalism, stability and competitiveness
  • Create a technical centre providing commentary, information and guidance on relevant regulatory developments 
  • Promote the UK MGA sector through good PR and communications 
  • Seek opportunities to promote training, education and high standards of products and services
  • Listen to its members and develop beneficial services for MGAs
Detailed information can be found in our Evergreen Mission Statement. 

Our 5 year strategy is also available here .

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