PKF Littlejohn:  What the Budget means for MGAs

25 April 2016

The main news coverage immediately after the March 2016 Budget may have led MGAs and their owners to conclude that it contained little of interest for them. However, there were numerous measures that have potential to affect the sector.

The March Budget followed the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, and the July 2015 ´Summer’ Budget after the General Election. The combined effect of these announcements mean that almost all business are likely to be affected in some way.

Our Budget update, presented by PKF Littlejohn’s insurance industry tax experts, Chris Riley, Catherine Hayes, Ian Gadie and Luigi Lungarella, will focus on the key measures as they affect MGAs, and also areas of topical interest for MGAs both now and in the foreseeable future.

PKF Littlejohn - 25 April 2016