Instanda- fundamentally changing insurance design and delivery

INSTANDA is the SaaS software management tool that empowers MGAs to build and launch any insurance product within unprecedented timescales, and then distribute and self-manage it online and on a global basis.

Users can configure and release insurance product questions, rating, documents and screen templates; amend or clone products as needed to change brand, cover, commission or channel rates; test and launch new services in a safe, secure and scalable environment for product launch or R&D.


  • Respond to customer needs and introduce new products or optimised experiences within weeks.

  • Utilise the self-service design to take control of product management and distribution in house. No need for developer input; changes can be made in minutes.

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of product distribution and remove the constraints of high cost growth. Up to 10x reduction in launch costs.

  • Benefit from a commercial and contracting model completely aligned to business success. Based on a % of GWP processed through the system.

  • Easily integrate or add this high impact enabler with current set-up without detracting effort from business operations using our API framework.

Generate more sales, reach new customers and create real distance between you and your competitors.

MGAA member offering:

  • We are offering all MGAA members a 5% discount on first product build.

About us
INSTANDA was born out of many years of hands-on experience of working within the sector and with insurance software providers, at CIO level within major insurance businesses such as Hiscox.

Having been witness to the challenges of meeting short-term market opportunities and demands whilst constrained by cumbersome IT and development process lifecycles, we decided to do something about it!

The result was a self-service product delivery model aimed at putting control back into the hands of the business; something that could address repeating problem patterns as well as future retail demands. And crucially, a product that was driven by the needs and requirements of real insurance users.

We would be delighted to talk to you. Please contact Paula Doolan, MGAA Relationship Manager at:

+44 (0)7805537683

+44 (0)345 319 1028