The Connexus Group
has grown organically for over 25 years, and provides a range of products and services to managing general agents, insurers and brokers underpinned by technical and digital support 24/7, 365 days a year. Connexus are Lloyd’s Coverholders and approved as a third party administrator to provide claims handling and FNOL services in the EL, PL, Property Casualty, Motor and Household space, as well as ancillary insurance products which are fully supported online with compliance and sales support.

10.00  - 11.00  How a successful claims solution can improve the performance of your book and your profit margin
Venue:  Synergy 1
In this session The Connexus Group will explain how outsourcing claims to the right third party administrator gives you more control over the cost and performance of your book.
Presented by Ken Specter & Catherine Bisbey of The Connexus Group, with guest speaker Ashley Cole from Aurum
12.30 - 13.30
Venue:  Synergy 1
1) Fundamental dishonesty 

What is the test the court applies when deciding whether a claim should be struck out? What is the test the court applies to decide if there is fundamental dishonesty and what are the ramifications of that decision for the client and his advisors? MGAs are increasingly conscious of the risk to their scheme that a client who is fundamentally dishonest can pose. Large and potentially fraudulent claims can have a devastating effect on your scheme.

Presented by Jonathan Watt-Pringle who is a leading QC in this area,

2) Controlling set up costs in a compliant way

When it comes to the sale of ancillary products, we are experts in enabling MGAs to sell in a fully compliant way without incurring set up costs.

Presented by Ken Specter & Chris Edwards, The Connexus Group
The Connexus Team will be presenting at the 2 sessions detailed below

Ken Specter
Managing Director
The Connexus Group
Chris Edwards
Business Operations Manager
The Connexus Group
Adrian Evans
Business Manager
The Connexus Group
Catherine Bisbey
Head of Underwriting
The Connexus Group