With many of our employees and clients in lockdown, mental well-being has never been so important. Here are some practical tips for optimising your mental wellbeing developed by academics and GPs. The CHAMPIONS Framework has been developed by Champion Health. 

Connect - You do not need to hibernate and cut all social ties with your colleagues, friends & family when self-isolating. Stay socially connected with those around you through your phone and video calls.

Hydrate - Keeping well-hydrated will optimise bodily functioning and help protect against illness. Try to limit caffeine & alcohol consumption. Enjoy in moderation.

Activity - Remaining active each day helps lift your mood and boost your immune system. You can still exercise outdoors when self-isolating, providing that you can keep a safe distance from other people.

Mindful - Make time to practice being mindful. App-based courses such as Headspace and CALM can be a useful introduction. Get started by taking a few seconds to focus on your breathing throughout the day.

Proactive - Be proactive, not reactive whilst looking after our mental health. If your mental health is in a positive state, keep working on it. If your mental health has taken a dip, look to implement some of this advice to give it a boost.

Impact - We are bombarded with information regarding COVID-19. Ensure that you create some boundaries with the news and social media.Be mindful of the unhelpful misinformation that is often posted online and only use credible sources for advice.

Open - If you are worried, anxious or concerned, talk with your close friends and family. It's not weak to speak.

Nutrition - Nutritious meals will ensure your body and mind is well prepared. Foods with colour and flavour can help lift your mood, boost your immune system and make mealtimes something to look forward to.

Sleep - Making high-quality sleep a priority is crucial for boosting your immune system and maintaining good mental health. 

To find out more about the mental well-being support and advice available visit:

Champion Health - https://championhealth.co.uk/

Mind - https://www.mind.org.uk/

To find out more about Valentis Advisory visit; https://www.valentisadvisory.com/