Renouf Mediation
Renouf Mediation offers:

  • A lawyer who has worked in the insurance sector for 30 years
  • A mediator with the business experience of leading a large law practice as Senior Partner
  • Pre-mediation investigation and support to maximise settlement prospects
  • Fixed fees
  • Discounted fees for MGAA members

Disputes can be complex and can escalate. They impinge on parties’ time and resources. They are an expensive distraction from getting on with business and adversely affect commercial relationships. A neutral third party provides a facilitated path to an earlier and cost-saving settlement.

Mediation offers solutions that are wider than those available from the Courts as parties remain in control of any settlement: an outcome is agreed, not adjudicated. Complete confidentiality enhances the process and offers the best chance or achieving an early, cost effective and creative solution.

The mediator is neutral: independent of the parties and of the dispute. Neutrality ensures the mediator gains the confidence of the parties and understands where there are opportunities for settlement.

All information disclosed during a mediation is confidential and will only be disclosed with the permission of a party. Confidentiality is crucial to gaining the trust of the parties and for the mediator to understand settlement opportunities.

Scoping and Preparation
The prospect of a successful mediation is substantially enhanced by preparation. The service offered to MGAA members includes all the pre-mediation contact and support to ensure that parties are ready to mediate. Support will vary depending on the dispute, the parties experience of mediation, the stage of the dispute and parties engagement to date. This scoping will be led by the mediator, will generally be by telephone but will ensure that the mediation meeting is efficient and productive.

The fees of the mediator will be borne equally by the parties unless there is an agreement to the contrary. A 10% fee reduction is offered where a mediation involves an MGAA member.

Renouf Mediation
Thirty years of dispute resolution, extensive experience of the insurance sector and a leadership role at a law firm mean that I have not only advised on risk but have taken the commercial decisions as a “client”. I bring a unique perspective as mediator to these disputes.

I am a CEDR accredited and Civil Mediation Council registered mediator. Testimonials and references, details of fees and availability are available on my website at



T: 07543 736683