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MGAA 2018 Conference

MGAs: The Future of Insurance
Conference and Exhibition: Thursday 12 July 2018
The Hilton London Bankside, Conference Entrance, Bear Lane, London, SE1 0UH

08:00 –09:00


Continental breakfast


Exhibition begins


Welcome - Charles Manchester
Keynote Speaker - Grahame Chilton

09:30 - 14:00 CMS Compliance Surgery
This year, we are pleased to offer members of the MGAA access to an insurance compliance surgery at the Conference through our compliance partners and authors of our compliance newsletter, Compliance Management Services Ltd.
10:00-10:45 Speed Mentoring - MGAA Next Gen
As part of our focus on shaping the future of delegated underwriting in the UK, the MGAA Next Gen group has organised a speed mentoring session aimed at giving the Next Generation of insurance professionals the chance to network and learn from experienced market professionals. The Mentors will sit with Mentees for an informal, five minute chat and at the sound of the bell, the Mentees will move on to the next Mentor. The aim is to give Mentees the chance to network with people they may otherwise not get the chance to speak to in a relaxed environment. Mentees, please arrive promptly at the Borough Suite at 09:55 to allow the event to start promptly at 10:00.


2018: The Here and Now

Panel:  Sian Fisher (Chair); Ash Bathia ; Catherine Bell , Sam Bobo , Brendan McManus
So what does it take to run an MGA in 2018? What are the key issues to businesses now and will MGAs continue to thrive in the current regulatory environment. This panel will be discussing a number of topical issues; from passporting into Europe, unrated Insurers, capacity; to M&A.  MGAs will have to deal with the lot, all while remaining focussed on their businesses. More and more, the challenge for MGAs will be standing out from the crowd in what is considered a competitive environment.


Networking Lunch


MGAA Next Gen Panel Discussion - The #value of social media: friend or foe?
Panel: Katherine Snedden (Chair); Craig Freeman ; Ashley Spooner ; Dylan Bourguignon ; Sebastian De Zulueta
This interactive panel session, with speakers from across the industry, will discuss how social media can help to grow your business and the potential risks that could arise.
Topics will include:
   - the pros and cons of social media
   - the evidence of success
   - tips and tricks to get the most out of it
   - challenges to date and potential for reputational damage
   - what the future holds


Exhibition continues


2028: The Future of Insurance
Panel:  Mark Geoghegan (Chair); Keith Jackson ; Chris Lee-Smith ; Barbara Schönhofer, MBE , Sam White

If we could step into a time machine and go forward to the year 2028, what would we find? How will InsurTech shape the market, and with the onset of artificial intelligence and increasing digitisation, what do we need to do to ensure MGAs keep pace with these changes? What are the risks that individuals and firms are likely to want to manage and mitigate through new forms of insurance in the future? Will our current challenges be reduced, and emerging risks like privacy, cyber hacking, data leaks, escalate? The panel will be discussing all of these issues, touching on innovation, diversity, new products, global influence and the challenges ahead in the next 10 years


Closing Address - Charles Manchester
Keynote Speaker - Robert Hiscox


Drinks Reception

Teas & coffees will be available all day in the main exhibition hall.

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