Digital Insurance 2.0 - The Digital Age of Insurance

30 April 2018

Change is being forced on the insurance industry whether they like it or not. Several of the orthodoxies traditionally underpinning the industry are being challenged and disrupted. Customer expectations are increasingly being set by unrelated or adjacent industries. Technologies allow startups to compete using customer centricity, as opposed to products, as their value offering. And a new insurance paradigm is being crafted regardless of whether incumbent insurers choose, or are able, compete in a new digital age.

At the heart of the digital age is a shift from Insurance 1.0 in the past to Digital Insurance 2.0 for the future. Insurance 1.0 business models of the past 50+ years have been based on the business assumptions, products, processes, and channels for a different generation of buyers.  Today, Millennials and Gen Z influence is growing and intensifying, significantly shifting the fundamental business models of all businesses, including insurance, by demanding the use of digital technologies and new products and services that align to their demographics, needs and expectations … creating Digital Insurance 2.0.  

MGAs are in a unique position to capture this opportunity.  New business models and products are being launched by MGAs to meet the shifting customer needs in Digital Insurance 2.0.  What will a digital generation of the insurance industry look like? What are the reactions to the market and potential customers for these new models and products?  What can you learn to use in your operation to compete?

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MGAA Social Event

The MGAA Social will take place on Thursday 24th May 2018 at the House of Lords.

Further details to follow.

24 May 2018

2018 Conference & Exhibition

MGAs:  The Future of Insurance

The MGAA conference is the flagship event for UK MGAs and a ‘must attend’ event.  This year’s conference is taking place on Thursday 12th July at the Hilton Bankside Hotel.

We are delighted to welcome Grahame Chilton, CEO of Gallaghers UK, as our morning keynote speaker.  Grahame will set the scene for the day with his experience and views on MGAs and some of the current hot topics in the space.
Robert Hiscox, Lloyd's and London market icon, will close the conference in his own charismatic style and provide an insight into his successful career that spans over 50 years. 

In addition to these excellent speakers and an exhibition that provides MGAs with the opportunity to meet capacity providers and sector suppliers, we are holding two panel debates: MGAs: 2018 - The Here and Now MGAs: 2028 - The Future of Insurance
12 July 2018