MGA Start-up Assistance

Set up all around the UK, MGAs play an important role in the wider insurance profession and new businesses are always being set up.

We support by:

Connecting fledgling MGAs with key stakeholders to help navigate the early days of starting up, with regulatory aspects and the complex professional landscape complicating the process.

Guiding new entrants through the mire of regulatory aspects and the complex professional landscape which can complicate the process of becoming an MGA.

Ensuring that any new start-up has the right legal advice by publishing guidelines; view guide written and compiled by David Coupe, legal advisor to the MGAA board. Please find the FCA application for Authorisation here  and Guidance Notes here .

Access to the MGAA logo to signify a badge of excellence, where the integrity and value of the profession is promoted and maintained. All members are required to operate to the highest standards to ensure the reputation of the market is held in the highest regard.

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