About Us

We are the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA).

We are a non profit organisation founded in 2011 by a group of individuals who saw the need for an association to represent Managing General Agents (MGAs); lobbying on their behalf, communicating their considerable benefits and maintaining high standards within the industry. These founding members saw at the time, that MGAs were seen as a key force in the insurance market and the MGAA was born!

Some 10 years on, we have evolved into a trade association that delivers real value to MGAs who currently write in excess of £6 billion GWP worldwide and are dedicated to shaping the landscape of delegated underwriting in the UK and Republic of Ireland. ‘Our mission is to wholeheartedly represent our members and the UK and Republic of Ireland. MGA Market with expertise knowledge, enthusiasm and relevance’

MGAA Vision

To be the primary trade association that represents, develops, educates and promotes the MGA market and its members.

MGAA Mission

To wholeheartedly represent our members and the UK and Republic of Ireland MGA Market with expertise knowledge, enthusiasm and relevance; furthering the growth and professionalism of MGAs.

meet the MGAA team

Meet the team

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who is on the MGAA board

Meet the Board

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What We Do

We look to drive innovation and high standards within the insurance sector; creating a body that enhances the sustainability, effectivity and authority of our  MGA  members.
Representing our Members’ Needs

Representing our Members’ Needs

Our mission as an association is to represent our members’ needs within the insurance industry landscape

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MGA Start Up Assistance

MGA Start Up Assistance

The sector is fast developing into a diverse, highly coveted area of the insurance profession

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Next Gen Group

Next Gen Group

Forward thinking, socially conscious and highly knowledgeable. Modern minds for a modern world

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Our Committees

The effectiveness of the MGAA relies on our expert committees tasked with meeting a wide range of organisational requirements.

Are you interested in sponsoring MGAA?

Are you interested in sponsoring MGAA?

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