From networking specialists to administration services, our supplier members are fundamental to the success of our member organisations.

To become a Supplier member your business is able to offer market leading products or services which further the business of MGAs.

All of our members must align to the MGAA Code of Conduct as part of becoming a member.


1. Trusted Partner

Opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a chosen area in front of our members. Host an online webinar, face to face market briefing or educational seminar to promote your specialist knowledge and proposition to our membership.

2. Large Potential Client Base

Opportunity to offer new products, preferential rates and bespoke schemes to our members. Use our platform to demonstrate your value to MGAs and how you can support their business needs.

3. Networking

Access to the largest MGA networking platform in the UK; with regular events that bring MGAs, suppliers and insurers together in a highly collaborative environment. Therefore if you are looking to grow your Delegated Authority business, this is a great platform to engage with.

4. MGAA Brand Association

Access to the MGAA logo to signify a badge of excellence, where the integrity and value of the profession is promoted and maintained. All members are required to operate to the highest standards to ensure the reputation of the market is held in the highest regard.

5. Market Research

Preferential access to market research specific to addressing long term needs of MGAs. Periodical studies of the UK MGA market undertaken by the MGAA offers valuable insights on the Delegated Authority sector as a whole.

6. Events

Invitation to attend our annual conference, to exhibit and demonstrate your product offering whilst building your network. Sponsorship opportunities are also available to promote your brand to our membership throughout the year.

7. Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Access to preferential offers and discounted products and services, selected and negotiated by us on your behalf.   


Membership Fees :

One-off joining fee - £1,500

+ £3,600 per annum

One-off joining fee - €1,500

+ €3,600 per annum

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