MGA Membership

The requirements of our MGA members are at the forefront of everything we do. Apply today and begin the next steps in your journey.

To become a full member (MGA) your business must be a regulated insurance agency whose primary function and focus is the provision of underwriting services and whose core fiduciary duty is to its (re)insurer principal/s.

All of our members must align to the MGAA Code of Conduct as part of becoming a member.


1. Effective Representation

Effective representation of members in discussions with government and regulatory bodies, working hard to deliver the best environment for you to operate your business.

2. Training & Education

Access to industry leading training and education via our MGA assess platform. Drawing from Subject Matter Experts and experienced professionals, you can develop the knowledge and skills of all your employees.

3. Collaboration

Draw upon expertise from key stakeholders throughout the market, whether that be capacity, technology or legal support from our wider membership.

4. MGAA Brand Association

Access to the MGAA logo to signify a badge of excellence, where the integrity and value of the profession is promoted and maintained. All members are required to operate to the highest standards to ensure the reputation of the market is held in the highest regard

5. The Best Suppliers

Due diligence of suppliers carried out by our experts ensures they are qualified to meet the complex requirements of MGA members. All our Suppliers have a track record within the profession and are well equipped for delivering value for your business.

MGA Membership

Membership Fees :

See below for pricing breakdowns:

MGA membership prices are split into GWP brackets.
  • Up to £2.5m GWP
  • Up to £20m GWP
  • Up to £50m GWP
  • Up to £100m GWP
  • Up to £200m GWP
  • Over £200m GWP
  • £750 per annum
  • £1,325 per annum
  • £1,850 per annum
  • £2,250 per annum
  • £3,500 per annum
  • £5,000 per annum

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