Legal, Compliance, Conduct & Ethics

Resolute decision-makers who are highly respected industry experts, and committed to upholding diligence in ethics and discipline.


The Legal, Compliance, Conduct & Ethics Committee is responsible for:


Proactively engaging with regulatory authorities, lawmakers, and government; lobbying on our members’ behalf


Outlining our approach to legislative changes made by government bodies and regulators; especially when these changes precipitate negative implications for our members


Reviewing updates from our legal advisers relating to the work, activities and services of the MGAA


Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of compliance and risk management programmes established within the organisation


Reviewing the MGAA Code of Conduct, ethics and discipline procedures and processes; while developing new mechanisms to enrich the organization


Investigating complaints made against members of the MGAA and assessing breaches of the MGAA Code of Ethics

Terms of reference

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