Clearway announces latest innovative security solution from the inView stable

20th December 2023

Clearway is pleased to introduce the latest in its innovative technology portfolio – inView Detect.

20th December 2023  – A powerful solution for perimeter intrusion detection and more…Utilising our extensive experience in the security sector, coupled with our technology expertise, we have produced a cutting-edge solution that will protect your assets day and night.

inView Detect is an autonomous intrusion detection system utilising battery and solar power that facilitates rapid deployment, combined with simplistic set up and usage, to a wide variety of applications such as construction sites, vacant properties, land, plant and machinery, and areas requiring immediate security cover.

Designed specifically with ease of deployment in mind, this portable security solution offers full 360° coverage and can be armed and disarmed remotely via a scheduling tool or locally with optional fob or keypad. Upon activation an alert is rapidly verified through the integral AI System and a series of images sent to our NSI Gold cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to verify the cause of the alert and ensure that any security protocols are instantly followed, whilst also providing all site-specific information. Each security surveillance unit can be programmed to exclude animals and wildlife (up to 80 cm tall) by utilising the animal immunity setting.

The inView Detect forms part of the Clearway range of security technology solutions and can be easily connected to and operate in conjunction with our inView CCTV Tower solution, offering further resilience, protection and data.

It’s already being successfully deployed across the UK – protecting our clients’ valuable assets. To find out more about the inView Detect wireless intrusion detection system visit or call Clearway on 0800 085 8695

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  • Author : Jess Norman
  • 20th December 2023