With every Diesta integration, we provide a complimentary Open Banking connection for your single and multi-currency trust accounts, allowing you to save over £10,000 annually compared to standard pricing. 

Seamless Integration: No more downloading spreadsheets. Enjoy a live bank feed linked directly to your policy system and payment providers.

Centralised Control: Manage all premium processes from one central place, streamlining your finance operations and improving efficiency.

How to Get Started: To take advantage of this offer, simply email “Rec’n’Roll” to hello@diesta.co.uk, and we will reach out to schedule an initial demo.

Package Availability: This offer is available for all start-up, scale-up, and enterprise packages with a minimum subscription of twelve months. Open Banking coverage must be established for the offer to be valid.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your premium processes.


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