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Utilising Location Intelligence to Future Proof MGAs : Free 30- minute consultation

The drive towards business transformation and the use of data and analytics to achieve that transformation is – potentially – an overwhelming objective for any organisation to undertake.

However, when it’s done right, it can help save money… make money… and drive additional business value.

Gamma Location Intelligence believes in the power that data and analytics can deliver to any organisation – of any size.

 So whether you are: 

  • At the start of your journey, or 
  • Making progress, but need some support, or  
  • At the cross-roads in terms of making the next leap, or 
  • Simply need to sense check how you are progressing ….

… then we’d be happy to offer our time with a free 30-minute consultation to provide some advice.

Get in touch with Richard Garry at to start the conversation.

We help ( Insurance) brands of all shapes and sizes solve their data and analytics pain points!   


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