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INSTANDA is the modern software management tool that empowers MGAs to build and launch any insurance product within unprecedented timescales, and then self-manage it online.

Business users can configure and release insurance product questions, rating, documents and screen templates; amend or clone products as needed to change brand, cover, commission or channel rates; test and launch new services in a safe, secure and scalable environment for product launch or R&D.


  • Rapidly respond to customer needs and introduce new products and broker/customer journeys within weeks, dramatically reducing the cost of product distribution.
  • Utilise the self-service design to take control of product management and distribution in-house. No need for IT specialists or developers; changes can be made in minutes.
  • Drive efficiencies across the whole policy lifecycle, by automating processes such as endorsements, MTAs, renewals, and cancellations.
  • Easily integrate INSTANDA alongside other solutions and applications, using our modern API framework

Generate more sales, reach new customers and create real distance between you and your competitors.

If you’d like to find out whether INSTANDA could be of benefit to your business, please contact James Elliott, MGAA Relationship Manager, at:
+44 (0)7712 551 517
+44 (0)330 445 0181


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