Automated Underwriting: How to write Home Insurance using only a property address – a OneClickCover Case Study

05/06/2019 | Webinar

OneClickCover is building a disruptive technology platform that will allow people to get a competitive home insurance quote using just one parameter – their property address. The briefing will demonstrate how to use data in underwriting to provide a better customer experience, breaking away from the paradigm of long questionnaires and confusing pictures of window locks commonly found in home insurance. The briefing focuses on the case study and will include a live demonstration of the platform from the consumer and underwriters respective viewpoints.

Learning objectives
Hutton Swinglehurst will talk about his experiences developing an extremely fast and easy to use home insurance customer experience and the role of data in delivering that. 
By the end of the briefing, delegates will have a better understanding of:
– how data can be used for the benefit of both customers and underwriters and;
– how other MGAs might benefit from using the OneClickCover platform.

Risto Rossar
CEO and Founder of Insly and Black Insurance
Risto is an insurance innovator and investor, he has been in insurance business for 20 years, worked in insurance company as well as established 5 insurtech startups. In 2001 he created one of the first online insurance brokers, IIZI, which became the biggest insurance broker in the Baltic States. Through this he realised insurance brokers are not particularly scalable, so Risto launched Insly to help them become digital. Insly adapted IIZI’s successful technology, selling it as a software solution to over 300 insurance companies and intermediaries in 40 different countries.

Launching his own insurance brokering business and providing IT solutions to over 300 other brokers around the world led Risto to blockchain and ultimately founding Black Insurance. Risto’s multifaceted experience covers the consumer and brokering perspectives, as well as providing software solutions to brokers worldwide. He is happy to share what he has learned through his journey about the state of the insurance value chain.

Hutton Swinglehurst
Founder & CEO
Founder CEO Hutton graduated from Cambridge University in 1993 and worked for major corporate finance houses (including UBS Warburg and Rothschild) for the next ten years before entering the London Insurance market in 2003 working for a family Lloyd’s insurance broker. In 2007, he joined Marsh & McLennan in the Risk Finance Practice; in 2014 he helped set up Landmark Insurance Services and successfully put together the winning consortium that designed, built and now operates Flood Re. In 2015 he developed the first household insurance pricing model that requires only the property address which was the platform for him subsequently setting up OCC to refine this proposition and take it to market.