Connect with Lloyd’s


21/06/2023 | On line Zoom conferencing and in person at MGAA offices, 1 Minster Court

Jane Harley (JH) – Senior Manager, Delegated Authorities & Digital Tools
Carla Wise (CW) – Manager – Delegated Authorities & Claims Operations
Allen Bruce (AB) – Head of Change Management
Stuart Spink (SS) – Head of Delegated Underwriting Performance, Markets
Jack Knapen (JK) – Head of Claims, DA and Underwriting Performance Lloyd’s Europe – (deferred)
Haris Khan (HK) – DA Oversight Manager at Lloyd’s Europe – (deferred)

Keith Stern (KS) – Lloyd’s Regional Manager, UK & Ireland

(Timings Approximate)

  1. Conflicts of Interest
  2. Comments/Questions from Connect with Lloyd’s held 19 April 2023 (recording available upon request)
  3. Computable Contracts and other LMA updates – CW (15 mins)
  4. Underwriting Performance Update – SS (20 mins)
  5. F@L overview and update – AB )
  6. DA Data Strategy & FCP update – AB ) – (30 mins)
  7. Common Services – AB )
  8. Lloyd’s Europe – JK & HK (20 mins)
  9. Any Other Business

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