Core Data: The countdown to a clearer tomorrow

21/04/2022 | Morning Data Online System

In the modern world of insurance, the term Data gets thrown about constantly, but what is Data and how might your organisation not be giving it the respect it deserves?

Over the course of 60 minutes, Kirstin Duffield – CEO, Morning Data Limited & Technical SME Advisor to the Chair of the Data Council – will be on hand to explain how Data will change over the next 18 months and what your organisation needs to be doing to prevent you being left behind in a new Data positive world.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session delegates will be able to:
• Summarise the value of data and how it should not be considered a burden but rather an asset.
• Describe how to enrich data with minimal effort.
• List examples of how complete data can be transferred to external parties.
• Outline why communication is key to the evolution of the industry.

With a rapidly evolving landscape, we also hope to give you an insight into the changes that will be impacting the insurance market as a whole when it comes to the Core Data Record and the process changes that come along with it.

About the speaker

Kirstin Duffield
CEO Morning Data
Technical SME Advisor to the Chair of the Data Council

CEO of Morning Data, Director of Datum Point Consulting and Technical SME Advisor to the Chair of the Data Council, Kirstin is at the forefront of technical innovation and data usage within the London and Company insurance markets. Over the last couple of years, Kirstin has been able to use platforms such as the MGAA to help educate the insurance market as to the benefits of data and how a central collection is necessary to allow the free flowing transfer of data between organisations.