CULTURE, CONDUCT & COVID: Sharing perceptions from London Market practitioners 2020-2021

21/09/2021 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Join Jeremy Irving, Partner and Head of Financial Services, Browne Jacobson LLP, to hear how your peers and contemporaries in the London Market view its culture, and to share – on a Chatham House basis – your thoughts on how, if at all, MGAs and other insurance market participants should respond to these views.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session delegates will:
• Understand regulators’ statements on the attributes of healthy and unhealthy cultures;
• Gain insights into perceptions of London Market culture from recent survey results;
• Be able to take a view on whether those perceptions might merit further action by your firm or others;
• Consider the actions that can be taken without increasing exposures to legal or compliance risks

About the speaker

Jeremy Irving
Partner, Head of Financial Services

Browne Jacobson’s financial services and insurance regulatory team is part of the firm’s broader offering to clients in the Financial Services and Insurance markets.
Jeremy’s practice covers both prudential (capital) and conduct regulation for risk-carriers and intermediaries, with particular emphasis on the UK’s implementation of ‘Solvency 2’ and the ‘Insurance Distribution Directive’. He primarily focuses on strategic advice for clients’ boards and their compliance, legal and risk functions. Central to this focus is advice on the growing regulatory requirements as to environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) sustainability and responsibility.

If you will not have access to video for this briefing and would like to follow the slides when dialing in, please email and we will issue these to you prior to the Webinar.