Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Session #3 for Senior Leaders and Managers

18/07/2023 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Challenging your Assumptions!

In the third live webinar, we will provide members with an opportunity to explore and learn about unconscious bias decisions and the impact these decisions and thoughts can have on our working life and success. We will talk about the science that supports the theory, as well as provide the delegates with thought-provoking content and practical tips to allow management teams to tackle these assumptions that may take place within the business, considered everything from recruitment to performance management to succession planning, we have it all covered! Finally, we will study what is best practice when you are handling unconscious biased decision-making as well as offer tools for further CPD on how to become more self-aware and a pragmatic, inclusive and equitable leader. You will leave the webinar with an in-depth knowledge around why we make these assumptions, how they cost the business money, success and how it creates risk, and how you can personally educate your team to understand and reflect.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training session delegates will be able to: 

  • Explain the meaning of unconscious bias, and how this impacts our professional life. You will be able to review the diverse workforce and the challenges faced daily when interacting with a variety of stakeholders, focusing on being an equitable leader of people.
  • Explain to your peers and wider teams why this topic matters to the business, and the positive effects that can be achieved by educating and minimising the opportunity for unconscious bias decisions to take place in your workplace.
  • Summarise the tools and resources to know how to tackle unconscious bias decisions when they come into play, personally and with your team of leaders, as well as being able to articulate a clear starting point within your team to increase inclusive communication, inclusive habits and creating a culture shift to see the desired behavioural changes.

Holly Mapstone

Holly is an Associate of CIPD with extensive Board level HR experience, including at HR Director level (FCA certified). Her pragmatic and agile approach combined with strong operational, strategic, and commercial experience delivers business improvements and cost savings, whilst driving up employee engagement. Her passion to create resilient and positive cultures will engage your teams and influence the business to execute excellence. Holly has extensive experience with multi-site operational HR management.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed a Talent Leadership programme, Graduate scheme, culture committee, learning & development strategy, and wellbeing strategy.
  • Successfully managed 8 acquisitions and mergers, harmonising new employees within 90 days of acquisition date.
  • Designed and executed a company-wide Talent Leadership Academy
  • ESG subject matter specialist, managing and co-ordinating training & development, and charitable commitments. Gained Living Wage Accreditation, initiated the application for the Women in Finance Charter and chaired charity committees.
  • Led and executed D,E&I initiatives, focusing on multiple strategic objectives, accreditation, and in-house training.