Earning Interest on Risk Transfer Monies

24/01/2024 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Join us for this market briefing with an expert from Stubben Edge as they explore risk transfer deposit accounts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Outline the terms of business agreements
  • Identify the terms that allow interest to be earned
  • Describe what a risk transfer deposit account is
  • Summarise how to open, deposit and withdraw monies
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About the Presenter

Andy Waring

Andy joined Stubben Edge Group as Director of Intermediary Relations in November 2021. His role is to source, grow and manage the networks of insurance and financial intermediaries the group supports and develop these relationships for all to benefit.

He has worked in the UK Insurance and Financial sector for the last 30 years and has successfully developed a number of companies prior to their sale.

Promoting the Akoni brand and cash management solution is his top priority for the group. As Go Compare educated us all to shop around for car and home insurance, Akoni’s ambition is to do the same for the UK’s savers and business owners. Outside of work Andy is a keen film buff, enjoys walking with his dog, and family life.