Future-proofing your risk to fraud using AI

09/09/2021 | Online - Zoom Conferencing

Join Ian Carman, Director – Investigation Services at Sedgwick, to discover how to future proof your risk to fraud by using AI.  Ian will explain how you can unlock and leverage the power of vast data to information your risk appetite in real time.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • be able to detail how the combined power of market insight, cross industry claims data and open source intelligence support improved risk selection at both a strategic and individual policy level
  • recognise how deployment of market leading artificial intelligence, machine learning and human expertise combine to tackle opportunistic and organised fraudsters to protect your loss ratios across our TPA and adjusting operations.
  • be able to identify how they can unlock and leverage the power of our vast data and our data science teams to inform your risk appetite in real time

About the speaker

Ian Carman
Director – Investigation Services

Ian Carman started his insurance career in 1997 with RSA, as a claims handler and then a loss adjuster, before entering the specialist area of claims investigation. He was head of property claims with the Cotswold Group, before joining Sedgwick in January 2021.

Ian is revolutionising Sedgwick’s approach to fraud. Alongside overseeing the implementation of market leading automated counter fraud technology, he has introduced intelligence, fraud assessment and data teams to improve client insight and counter fraud performance. He is responsible for Sedgwick’s counter fraud strategy and is developing dynamic, agile solutions that harness the combined power of technology and human expertise to effectively tackle the ever evolving fraud challenges Sedgwick’s clients face.