Green is not always clean & You still need to “Mind the Gap”

13/03/2024 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Green is not always clean

Join us for a brief overview of the environmental risks still presented by Net-Zero, renewable and “green initiatives”.

You still need to “Mind the Gap”

Since 2010 Graham Hawkins has been presenting to the market about the gaps in cover between Property and General liability policies.  Gaps which Environmental Insurance fills to protect the broker (from professional liability claims) and their clients. 

In this briefing there will be a quick review of claim examples to highlight the benefits of working with Environmental Insurers to improve your MGA offering.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Summarise how to create awareness of environmental risks from “green” industries
  • Outline the “gaps in cover” between property and general liability cover (even with “bartoline extensions”)
  • Describe the specific benefits provided by Environmental Insurance, including emergency response costs, on/off site remediation, and biodiversity damage.
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About the Presenter

Graham P Hawkins

Associate Director – Head of Environmental

Since 2010, almost exclusively, Graham has handled environmental claims, with instructions and nominations from specialist Lloyd’s syndicates, composite insurers and MGAs. Also has experience of handling international Product Liability claims.

Respected specialist, often nominated by specialist environmental insurers/underwriters, many of the claim instructions relate to incidents across the globe.

Co-ordinate with global colleagues to manage “in country” claims providing support and technical guidance regarding policy cover and interpretation.