Ground Risks

13/07/2021 | Online - Zoom Conferencing

At this session we will look at the risk from the four main types of ground hazard to property now, and how this will change under future climates.  Dr Timothy Farewell will explain how different businesses will be impacted by different hazards and will discuss the biggest threat to the short and long term profitability and sustainability

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  1. List the four main ground hazards affecting UK property. (subsidence, coastal erosion, sinkholes from mines + voids, and landslides).
  2. Describe the processes that leads to a house suffering damage from subsidence, coastal erosion , sinkholes and landslide)
  3. Rank in importance (to their business) the four main UK ground hazards.
  4. Describe the changing risk level, and spatial distributions of for the four main ground hazards as our climate shifts to one with (1) warmer, wetter winters and (2) hotter drier summers.

About the speaker

Dr Timothy Farewell
Director of Science and Communications
Terrafirma IDC

Dr Tim Farewell is one of the UK’s leading academics on ground hazards, specialising in the dynamic interactions between geohazards and infrastructure. He has devoted almost two decades of his academic career to modelling the environmental impacts on property and land and works closely with research data including climate change modelling to map changes in ground conditions, now and in the future.

Previously of Cranfield University, Tim joined Terrafirma as Director of Science and Communications to help property professionals and financial organisations understand complex, geospatial environmental data to enhance their decision making. You can connect with Tim on LinkedIn here: