Harnessing the power of real-time product distribution

04/11/2019 | Old Library

How to improve operational efficiency in the delegated authority distribution chain and increase speed, cost and quality of business for MGAs.

MGAs and their capacity providers are looking at how technology can enhance their operations and deliver efficiencies. With very high volumes of policies transacted via a variety of facility-type placements into the London market, join us as we look to discuss how technology can have a range of benefits for the MGA sector, and how to get around the challenges of visibility, capital flow efficiency, with a focus on both the importance of the MGA sector and the need to ensure that the market works to meet the challenges that it faces.

Learning Objectives
– Delegates will be able to outline how technology can enhance their operations and delivery efficiencies.
– Delegates will be able to describe the range of benefits for MGAs accessible from the technology in the market
– Delegates will understand and be able to plan around the technology challenges faced in the current market.

No slides or podcast is available for this session.