IFB Overview

18/11/2021 | Online - Zoom Conferencing

The session will provide an overview of the IFB, the agencies we work with and key successes achieved. The presentation will highlight 3 investigations co-ordinated by the IFB covering commercial property, liability and motor.

About the speaker

Neil Jones
Intelligence and Investigations Manager, IFB

With over 20 years’ experience specialising in counter-fraud insurance services, Neil has a track record in tackling some of the UK’s most notorious organised fraud networks. Neil leads a team of specialist intelligence and investigations experts at the IFB, which have worked in partnership with police, insurers and industry watchdogs to detect and disrupt the fraudulent activity of hundreds of organised criminal groups. This work has not only helped to save insurers and their honest customers millions of pounds, but has also protected countless innocent people from the serious harm of insurance scams.