Lessons from Abroad – Delegated Authority Trends in the USA

13/06/2024 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Join George Bucur, Managing Director and Co-Head of MarshBerry’s Specialty Practice, as he delves into the dynamic delegated authority marketplace in the U.S.  During this session, George shares his perspectives on the principal trends influencing delegated authority organizations and what lessons may be drawn from these by organizations based in the UK.

In the midst of an international secondment to Europe and currently working with clients across the U.S., UK and Continental markets, George brings unique and proprietary insights around how far delegated authority organizations have come, the direction of travel for the industry, a global perspective on where the most attractive growth opportunities lie, and best practices generally.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain material developments impacting MGAs in the growing delegated authority segment within the United States
  • List mounting pressures faced by MGAs in the U.S. and their applicability to UK based firms (and what U.S. firms are doing about these challenges)
  • Summarize best practices around growth strategies for some of the largest brokers and delegated authority organizations in the U.S
  • Describe how M&A activity is impacting the MGA environment

About the Presenters

George Bucur, Managing Director

Focusing on specialty distribution and markets within MarshBerry’s Financial Advisory practice, George Bucur brings to MarshBerry extensive knowledge in merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions. In addition to being a trusted advisor to sellers and buyers within the specialty insurance arena, George provides valuation, succession planning, strategic planning, financial benchmarking and other financial consultative services. Working with program managers, managing general agents, managing general underwriters, wholesale brokers, carriers and firms ancillary to these operations, George is privy to insights, proprietary knowledge and best practices directly impacting firms in today’s dynamic economic and rate environments. George uses his experiences to educate clients and colleagues within the industry and to offer superior client services.