WEBINAR: LinkedIn: A look at how to make the most of your profile

30/06/2020 | Webinar

Social media has become an essential part for businesses and individuals throughout all professions.  It can be an incredibly powerful outlet to share ideas, promote products and to connect to like-minded people.  However like everything there are pitfalls and challenges in getting the most out of your profile and making it work for you.  This webinar, brought to you by Keith Lewis who will explore LinkedIn as a platform, how to use it in line with your business’ strategy, how to create an engaging profile and the types of content that tend to resonate with people.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:
1.       Understand Linkedin as a platform and the recent trends of how the platform is used
2.       Look at how governance takes a central role in the use of LinkedIn
3.       Learn how to build an engaging profile page which makes maximum impact on your audience
4.       Appreciate what content is the most impactful and what to share with your connections 

I’ve been in PR and Comms, I guess, since I did some of the promotional and media work for school productions. Ended up studying PR at the University of Central Lancashire, when the degree courses first came out. By luck, I ended up on a placement year (not part of my course) at Vauxhall Motors, before joining the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in their policy and parliamentary team. Then spent two and a half years as a Press Officer and then Media Manager. I then joined Zurich Insurance, spending six years doing a variety of media and, occasionally, internal comms roles. I was Head of Communications back at the SMMT between 2012-14 but then rejoined Zurich after a management restructure. I became UK Social Media Manager in April 2015.

Outside of work, I’m married to Sarah and we have two sons who are now 11 and 8. Outside of all that, I’m a rugby union referee, currently operating as a Television Match Official in England’s Gallagher Premiership and run the RugbyReferee.net website and podcast.