MGAA Personal Lines Insights: HELIX: Driving Insights, Securing Claims


21/09/2023 | Online Zoom Conferencing or in person at MGAA offices, 1 Minster Court

Helix Vehicle Data Forensics specialises in uncovering accurate and crucial information relating to vehicle incidents.

Within most modern vehicles, vital data is stored, which can provide substantial evidence either supporting or undermining a motor claim. DLB investigations Ltd expertise lies in extracting and analysing this data to establish the truth behind each case.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this Insights, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts and principles of Vehicle Data Forensics and its role in investigating vehicle incidents and accidents.
  • Explain the significance of various data sources found in modern vehicles, including onboard computers, black boxes, and electronic systems, and how this data can be used as critical evidence in forensic analysis.
  • Summarise the step-by-step process of conducting a comprehensive vehicle data forensics examination, from data acquisition and preservation to analysis and interpretation of findings.
  • List the essential tools and technologies used in vehicle data forensics, along with their specific applications and advantages in extracting, preserving, and interpreting digital evidence from vehicles.

Our Speaker

David Booker

David has specialised in the investigation of fraudulent insurance claims for the past 25 years and during that time has held senior roles within both insurance companies and defendant law firms.

In 2008 he successfully graduated from Teesside business school with a Master of Arts Degree in ‘Fraud Management’.
His passion for insurance fraud investigation led him to create DLB Investigations Ltd in 2012.