MGAA Technical Claims Insights – December 2023


06/12/2023 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Using Behavioural Science to Deliver Better Claim Outcomes

Behavioural science is a powerful and proven discipline that can be used to improve customer interactions. By using this, it is possible to deliver improved claims outcomes in both of cost and customer satisfaction. This session will explain how behavioural science works, how it has been used in claims to date and how organisations can deploy it quickly and efficiently.
Learning objectives:

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain at a high level what behavioural science is and how it works.
  • List examples of use in claims.
  • Outline how it can be deployed quickly and effectively.

About the Presenter

Richard Sheridan – Strategic Development Director, Sedgwick

Richard is Strategic Development Director, leading on innovation and service development for Sedgwick in the UK.

In this role he is engaged in a range of disciplines to drive business improvement, including technology, data science, behavioural science, process review and artificial intelligence. Working alongside clients, his focus is on delivering solutions that reduce claims costs and improve the customer experience.

Richard has over 25 years experience in claims, underwriting and broking and has a rounded knowledge of all the aspects needed for a successful operation across people, technical and process factors. He has also worked in Business Process Outsourcing, operating across multiple industry sectors and again, focusing on practical solutions that drive performance improvement.

Sedgwick have implemented a number of behavioural science techniques in both process and digital solutions and Richard will share this experience and views on future applications.