Operating your MGA business from Guernsey

04/02/2020 | Webinar

MGAs often comment that the UK regulator misunderstands how they work and the huge benefit they bring to the UK markets, Guernsey Finance comment that MGAs should be looking for a regulator who both understands and welcomes new innovation.  Consequently if this is you then you should consider the huge benefits of operating your MGA business from Guernsey.

With over 1,000 Finance professionals such as fund managers, actuaries, lawyers and accountants this long established insurance hub has close historic links with the London Insurance market.  Guernsey also offers a uniquely responsive and supportive location for international insurance business

Dominic Wheatley, CEO Guernsey Finance, will outline the business environment and explain how MGAs can benefit from the Guernsey environment
Richard Tee, CEO Avantis, will explore how the Guernsey environment is a boost for MGA business
Jo Stoddart, CEO Locate Guernsey, will outline the benefits of locating to Guernsey

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
•    Explore the benefits of the Guernsey Insurance market
•    Understand the Guernsey regulatory environment and how that differs from the UK FCA
•    Explore the Island culture, leading to a greater business environment
•    Understand the benefits of an Island location