Outsourcing your fleet risk management

25/05/2023 | Online Zoom Conferencing

This market briefing is to Introduce Safely to the MGAA members and to provide members with an understanding of the benefits of outsourcing their fleet risk management.

It will give an overview of the challenges facing fleets in their quest to become safer, it will describe the key requirements for reducing accidents in fleets and it will show the benefits MGA’s can get from having some simple risk management processes in place for their commercial motor book.

Many fleets want to become safer however they just don’t know how hence we will describe how MGA’s can correctly help and incentivise safety and accident reduction so that everyone reaps the benefits. We will provide real life examples of the work we have done and how we did it.

This is an opportunity for any MGA looking to improve the profitability of their Commercial motor book by achieving an improved loss ratio and providing a value-added product.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges faced by fleets in relation to improving driver behaviour
  • Explain the benefits of outsourcing fleet risk management and how it can impact the loss ratio
  • Summarise the key elements of Safely offering and unique selling points
  • Outline how to correctly incentivise safety and accident reduction for your fleet book

About the Presenters

Jack Manning

Safely, Founder and CEO

Having worked with hundreds of fleets and seeing the variance in the high performers and poor performers in relation to accident history and safety, Jack set about to build Safely, a solution that allows all fleets to reduce accidents and improve driver behaviour. A Bsc. Financial and a Prof Dip. Fintech, Jack brings an analytical approach to Safety. Understanding the need for simplicity and ease of use, Safely is a company that combines technology and expertise to reduce accidents.

Andrew Fleury

Safely, Founder & Chairman

Andrew has spent the last two decades exclusively dedicated to the fields of telematics, fleet management and intelligent vehicles. This includes 15 years as the CEO of Transpoco, the leading telematics provider in the Irish market, with customers in more than 60 countries.

Andrew has a keen interest in the future of transport, mobility and driver safety.

He is currently the president of the 1-Telematics Alliance, a European thought leadership group. He is also on the steering committee of both the “Vehicle Of The Future” (VOTF), and the “Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” (CAV) industry groups in Ireland.