Property Damage Validation – A View from the Coalface

23/06/2022 | Online - Zoom Conferencing

Acumen’s Richard Talbot, Darren Francis and Chris Turner, will describe property damage validation from a surveyor’s perspective using a range of case studies to bring the discussion to life. They will define what Acumen Claims mean by an ‘MCIOB surveyor’, describe the many factors Acumen surveyors need to take into account to cost-effectively assess, validate, and scope property claims – at the same time providing policyholders with choice, and managing repairs efficiently to completion. The team will then detail some of the working relationships Acumen surveyors have with other insurance professionals, and summarise some of the features and benefits to MGAs and
Capacity Partners we believe are inherent in the Acumen Model.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the Webinar, delegates will be able to:

  • List the relative features & skillsets of surveyor-led models vs. traditional loss adjusting models, with regard to approaching property claims in the region of £10k-100k.
  • Summarise what Acumen mean by ‘Surveyor’ in this context.
  • Describe how an Acumen Surveyor approaches property damage on the ground, including managing policyholder expectations, and working with other professionals.
  • Explain the rationale behind some of the cost and claims duration benefits Acumen propose their surveyor-led property model delivers to MGAs, Capacity, and Policyholders.

About the speakers

Richard Talbot
Richard has 10+ years’ experience as an Acumen property damage surveyor and is also a qualified electrician. Richard is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Builders, and surveys both personal lines and commercial property damage in the Nottinghamshire region. As well as guiding policyholders through their claims, Richard designs repair scopes, and where claims are fulfilled he project manages Acumen repair partners until works are complete.

Darren Francis
Darren joined Acumen in January 2019 having held senior leadership positions within both Loss Adjusting and Disaster Management companies. He is responsible for the end-to-end service delivery of both field-based surveyors and our Annesley customer contact centre. The key focus is providing the customer with a seamless claim experience as well as ensuring that the client service is technically sound.

Chris Turner
Chris joined Acumen at the beginning of 2022 and brings to the company a wealth of account management and business development experience. His career has seen Chris working on supply chain development projects alongside some of the UK’s largest general insurers. Before joining Acumen, Chris also provided consultancy services for a number of years in the sector. Chris is responsible for business development and account management.