Risk Management: An MGA Perspective

07/12/2020 | Online - Zoom Conferencing

COVID has highlighted many things- not least the importance of risk management and business continuity planning. What can you do to support your policyholders?

Join David Wrathall and Sarah Myerscough of Boston Tullis for a live webinar to discuss what Risk Management support, for policyholders, is out there in the market? Why does it matter and what value could such an offering add to your business?

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the issues policyholders face in managing their business risks;
  • Understand current methods used within the insurance industry to support policyholders in this area;
  • Identify the benefits to MGAs of active engagement with policyholder risk management.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the market leading product in this space.

David Wrathall
Managing Director

David has 35 years in the Insurance Industry; spanning business acquisition and integration, line management of significant regions and sales management. David specialises in developing brokers to maximise their potential through a number of processes. Having experience in all roles from Managing Director to Sales and even IT Director, the wealth of experience and opportunity David can bring to your business is vast.

Sarah Myerscough
Sales & Marketing Director

Sarah is an entrepreneur by heart with over eight years’ experience in running and building businesses. In the last few years Sarah has focused on the insurance industry, helping brokers to develop and implement strategy and process around retention, sales and marketing to maximise business growth. Sarah is the creator of ‘The Insurance brokers Podcast’, a podcast channel which interviews industry professionals about business and market developments. Sarah also sits on the Cambridge Cii Institute where she has the responsibility for arranging CPD events for members across Cambridge.