Scaling an MGA in 2024

01/11/2023 | Online Zoom Conferencing

Managing General Agents (MGAs) face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The insurance industry has always been in a state of flux, but recent years have seen a significant digital transformation. MGAs, as key players in this ecosystem, are tasked with navigating this evolving landscape while ensuring sustainable growth. To scale an MGA successfully in 2024, it’s essential to be aware of the changing dynamics and be the frontier of a growing competitive industry.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe how technology can help key areas of their business – with a special focus on customer acquisition, loyalty, risk management and increase business efficiency.
  • Outline how embracing technology in a phased manner might be the answer to a complete digital transformation which is surely overwhelming for the insurance industry. Inflation and socioeconomic and political factors are already causing immense pressure on the industry’s profitability.
  • Explain how embracing technology in a phased manner may help to remain competitive and increase customer retention.
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About the Presenters

Daniel Thafvelin (Group CEO at Contemi Solutions)

Daniel is the Group CEO at Contemi Solutions. Passionate about financial services, technology, and value creation, inspired by customer success and good leadership, Daniel is responsible for the company’s leadership and its business development, investment, and growth strategy. He is dedicated to bringing great digital solutions to consumers and ensuring a two-way profitable relationship. An advocate of the mantra “profit with purpose”, and a firm believer that you must enable colleagues, customers, and partners to achieve business success.

Daniel has over 15 years of experience in the software and services industry, having grown into more senior positions in companies like Storebrand, Software Innovation, Tieto, and Cxense.

Karen Stanford (CXO at GreenKite Associates)

Karen is the Chief Experience Officer at GreenKite Associates. Passionate about delivering best-in-class consultancy offerings Karen helps organisations define business transformation and operational improvement. Able to develop pragmatic solutions to business problems, she quickly understands the business environment, determine appropriate outcomes, and help deliver tangible results that add immediate value to your business. Karen and the team continuously deliver value to the MGA market, evident by GreenKite being awarded “Service Provider of the Year” in 2022.

Atle Holmtoft (CEO & Owner of Aspida Forsikring AS)

Atle is the CEO and owner of Aspida Forsikring AS, a pioneering independent insurance agency (MGA) that delivers business insurance to the Norwegian market through its agreements with large and financially strong insurers. Aspida’s agreements with Lloyd’s creates better insurance options for Norwegian companies and gives international capacity providers access to the Norwegian market. With experience from insurance companies like Zurich, Codan and Marsh, Atle has a long history of demonstrating value within the insurance industry.