Skin in the Game. The Use of Risk Retention Vehicles to participate in the underwriting profit of your MGA

04/02/2019 | Old Library

Deloitte and the Robus Group have many years of experience in guiding MGAs and others in the insurance distribution chain when it comes to the use of risk retention vehicles to enhance control, stability and accessing a share of the underwriting profitability of their business. Drawing on Deloitte’s experience in guiding you through the considerations when establishing a risk retention vehicle, as well as the service offering of Robus in managing ongoing vehicles, the session will provide MGAs with an introduction to the options available and how to interpret these against their own business goals and targets.

Learning Objecitves:

  • Introducing the concept of Risk Retention vehicles and their use
  • What factors a firm should consider when selecting between different types of vehicle and jurisdictions
  • The establishment and maintenance requirements of the different vehicle types
  • The roles of the establishment advisor and Insurance Manager

Unfortunately there is no recording available for this session