The Data Black Hole

09/02/2021 | Online - Morning Data System - Showtime

Kirstin Duffield, CEO, and Paul Buckle, Commercial Director, will be discussing the challenges around Data, big or otherwise, API’s, common reference tables and the kinds of resources that the MGA of the future may need to consider. 

  • Including the four Vs of data and what is needed to leverage its potential.
  • Can you just buy all this in, or will MGAs need to skill-up to handle the operational data of the future?
  • Moreover, when more data is collected, when and why does it just disappear into a ‘black hole’?

Learning objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:

  1. Discover the reality of ‘big data’ in the market in 2021
  2. Understand the impact of decisions around reference lists and the use of industry standards
  3. Take away the concepts and considerations around organisational challenges and cultural change through joined up digital journey
  4. Gain further insights into the new delegated authority reporting standards

Morning Data are hosting this webinar on their own system – Showtime – so please register DIRECTLY with them here.