The issues affecting the cost of claims in 2018 BLM

16/10/2017 | Webinar

Terry Renouf and Alistair Kinley of BLM consider and report on the issues that affect your claims, reserving and underwriting for 2017/18 and beyond. The session will cover: – Discount Rate: the Government Consults but will it change the negative rate? How will it do so? And when? – Jackson 2.0: Beyond Casualty – Fixed Recoverable Costs are recommended for all cases up to £100k. How will lawyers react? What are the likely changed behaviours? When will change happen? What of the digital Court? – Whiplash Reform: Tariff damages, an increase in the small claims track and a ban on pre-med offers. Judicial Reviews, Parliamentary ambush, litigants in person, claims displacement. The what, when and how of further reform for injury claims – Fraud: In August the Government reviewed progress against the Insurance Fraud Taskforce Recommendations. Where has there been progress? What remains to be done and where are the new areas of fraud?