WEBINAR: Agile Innovation in Insurance

25/06/2020 | Webinar

How forward-thinking MGAs are revolutionising the market through techniques developed in software engineering

Growing customer expectations and InsurTech disruption is forcing MGAs to operate in a more agile manner. This need has become even more apparent as COVID-19 turns the market on its head. In order to survive and thrive, MGAs need to be adopting agile methods of innovation.

The session will explain the principles of agile delivery techniques, and how this has delivered drastic improvements in product creation within the world of software. It will then outline how these principles are being adopted in other industries – including insurance – and how this is driving much quicker and more successful innovation within the industry.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, attendees will:
•    Understand the basic principles and benefits of agile delivery
•    Have learned how these principles are being adopted by other industries
•    Be made aware of ways in which insurers and MGAs are utilising these methodologies for business benefits
•    Be able to list 3 key steps to put in place in order to begin to innovate in a more agile manner

Coming from an economics background, Stephen has worked as SSP’s ‘eyes and ears in the insurance and technology markets’ for 3 years. Through interaction with market analysts, in-depth analysis of market reports and conversations with MGAs, insurers and brokers he has built up a strong understanding of where the market is heading. He advises on strategy – both internally and externally – based on these findings.