Webinar: How COVID-19 shapes the future

23/04/2020 | Webinar

It has taken us decades to consider giving up the classical signature. Suddenly, the situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic requires us to even give up on paper records. The gains are significant, for both sides: for organisations, they are measured in processing speed, and for consumers in the convenience of solving various problems from the comfort of their home.

At the same time, digital transformation is not a new topic. But how will the post-pandemic business landscape accelerate this vision and deliver it to day-to-day practice in Insurance and the MGA business?

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegates will:
  – Have a clearer understanding of how the paradigm of the old way of doing business is being shaped by the coronavirus crisis.
  – Have explored and will be able to recognise how customer experience will drive digital transformation.
  – Be able to identify portals, platforms, channels and systems that deliver on post-pandemic customer expectations.

Adrian Blidarus
Founder & CEO

Adrian Blidarus is an entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Softelligence, a £8+ million annual revenue international technology consultancy and digital transformation group working with tier 1 global companies in the Insurance and Banking industries