WEBINAR. Stakeholder Management when Trading Performance is Expected to Deteriorate

21/05/2020 | Webinar

While much focus is being given to the impact of Covid-19 on insurers, at Grant Thornton UK LLP we are looking beyond insurers to see what the impact of Covid-19 may be for MGAs. We have discussed our thoughts with MGAs, Lenders to MGAs and PE fund owners of MGAs and are sharing some insights on what the financial implications may be, how best to mitigate the downside risk and engage with your key stakeholders.

Join a panel of Grant Thornton UK LLP’s finance professionals in discussing the likely concerns of particular MGA stakeholders (employees, the FCA, Lenders, equity holders, capacity providers and affiliated brokers and third party administrators). The webinar will include a discussion on the practical methods and tools used by restructuring professionals to understand the current position of the MGAs business and to prepare for meetings with these stakeholders.

Tools that will be discussed and covered include:
•    Independent business reviews
•    Integrated three statement models
•    Short term cash flow forecasts

Grant Thornton will then wrap the call up with a brief overview of Directors & Officers responsibilities in a downturn scenarios.

Learning objectives:
1.    What is an independent business review, who is it used by and what is the value in it?
2.    What is an integrated three statement model? Why is it important? How is it prepared?
3.    What is a short term cash flow forecast? How is it prepared?
4.    What are Directors & Officers responsibilities in the zone of insolvency.

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