What is the Real Cost of Sustainability Across the Insurance Sector


Right now, climate change and sustainability are on everyone’s agenda from policy holders to insurers but when it comes to restoration versus replacement, what are the true costs, where are the comfort zones and is everyone on the same page? This session challenges the industry on where your organisation sits with the sustainability question, and whose responsibility is it.  You will be questioned to think about net zero and where we all are on the journey.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to: –

  1. Explain the genuine cost of restoration over replacement
  2. Understand how your organisation can progress on their road to sustainability and net zero
  3. Explain who owns the emissions and how we decide how to reduce them going forward

Richard Done

Richard Done is the Commercial Operations Director of Polygon Group UK & Ireland and has been with the company for 6 years. Richard is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has twenty-five experiences in the damage control and restoration industry, beginning his career at ISS Damage Control in 2002, followed by several years at AREPA (UK), dealing with projects across Europe and in the USA.

Currently responsible for business development and operations within Polygon Group UK & I specifically, commercial disaster management and restoration, by providing solutions for multiple sectors following water or fire claims, and major business interruption.

Initiative-taking by always seeking the best outcomes which includes all stakeholders involved, both internally and externally.