Markerstudy ‘m-power’ innovators to come forward

14th May 2021

Dan Fiehn, Group Chief Operating Officer at Markerstudy, is leading an innovation revolution within the group. Responsible for Research and Development, he and his newly appointed m-power team are launching a platform for bleeding edge innovators and fintech start-ups to seek an audience with the tech-savvy insurance services group. 

Dan said: “Re-branding our IT division six years ago to ‘m-powered’ was a strategic decision to move away from the traditional constructs of IT and create a new standard. We’ve come a very long way with empowering our teams since then, offering autonomy in decision-making, creativity and problem solving. 

“In addition to my COO role, I’ve formed a hub of m-powerers, a collective of bright minds with the objective to transform. We crave ingenuity for competitive advantage, best-of-breed delivery and UX and I’m keen to illuminate the fearless fintechs and start-ups who are seeking an opportunity to showcase their ideas and have ambitions to accelerate away from the existing way of doing things. These are exciting times!” 

Markerstudy is pledging a substantial investment fund for 2021 and will be holding ‘m-power parades’ at their London office throughout the second half of the year.

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  • Author : MGAA
  • 14th May 2021