Whiplash Reforms Review

17th March 2021

On Friday 26th February the MOJ published their long awaited update to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), in respect of the whiplash reforms launch. The creation of the new 88 page pre action protocol, amendments to the existing protocols and new practice directions are looking to accommodate the changes brought in by the Civil Liability Act.

We have previously reported on the new Online injury claims portal (OICP) that will be used for claims that fall within the applicable scope, attention will now turn to fully digesting the rules, how they will be interpreted, what trends and behaviours (expected and unexpected) we may see as well as the requirement for claims teams to familiarise themselves with both the new rules and new portal.

The protocol applies to claims arising from road traffic accidents which occur on or after 31 May 2021 where the injuries are valued at not more than £5,000 and the overall value of the claim is not more than £10,000.

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  • Author : MGAA
  • 17th March 2021